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    Emergency Plumbing Cranebrook

    At Ken Hale Plumbing we aim to take the stress and worry out of plumbing emergencies. No matter the time of day or night our team of plumbing contractors will swiftly come to your door to deliver emergency plumbing tailored to the needs of Cranebrook residents. Offering premium solutions at an affordable price we can guarantee that your pipes and drains will be flowing as good as new.

    Blocked Drain Cranebrook

    Nothing is more panic-inducing than watching water that is supposed to be going down your sink’s drain come back up fast. By using non-damaging or invasive methods and techniques our skilled and professional plumbers can completely clean and clear blocked drains for Sydneysiders in and around the Cranebrook area.

    Gas Fitters Cranebrook

    For over 25 years the knowledgeable and certified gas fitters at Ken Hale have improved Cranebrook customer’s gas appliances and components. If gas leaks or other related issues are detected do not attempt to repair them yourself! Thanks to our training and qualifications the team at Ken Hale can design, test, and repair your gas systems.

    Gas Installation Cranebrook

    Thanks to our passionate and professional service the team at Ken Hale Plumbing can meet the needs and requirements of Sydneysiders across the city. Possessing the skills and knowledge to design, fabricate, and maintain interior and exterior gas installations Cranebrook home and business owners can trust us to ensure the safe and secure operation of their gas appliances. For a free, no-obligation, quote for our gas fitting services call us on 02 4773 9275.

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