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    Blocked Drain Glenmore Park

    At Ken Hale Plumbing we are passionate about all things plumbing. For over 25 years we have improve the water management systems of homes and businesses throughout Sydney and the surrounding area. By thoroughly inspecting your pipes and drains we can identify and completely clear blocked drains of all sizes in and around Glenmore Park.

    Gas Fitters Glenmore Park

    Committed to providing a comprehensive and reliable range of plumbing services Ken Hale Plumbing proudly offers superior gas fitting solutions to our customers. Our highly train gas fitters have the skills to assist Glenmore Park home and business owners with personalised gas appliance repair or installation. From heaters, to ovens, BBQs, and stoves our gas fitters can ensure the safety and security of all gas-powered appliances.

    Gas Installation Glenmore Park

    Utilising innovative and focused gas installation techniques customers in and around Glenmore Park can trust our team to safely and securely install superior gas appliances. Whether you are in need of a full replacement or a minor repair we can do it all in no time at all!

    Hot Water Service Glenmore Park

    Nothing is more satisfying than having a piping-hot shower in the coldest months of winter. At Ken Hale Plumbing we strive to use our unmatched skills and experience to improve the comfort and functionality of homes across Sydney’s metropolitan area. Able to design and install custom hot water services in properties throughout Glenmore Park Ken Hale can provide our customers with direct access to hot water. For more information about our superior approach call us on 02 4773 9275.

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